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My Ex Wants To Get Back Together So Should I Get Back Together With My Ex

Perhaps you have just broken up and now your ex wants to get back together with you. So, what should you do? There are really no hard and fast rules and it really depends on your situation. However, you may want to look at the following guidelines: 1) Are you the one who initiated the break up? If so, why? There is always a reason behind every break up. Have it been resolved.

If not, getting back together may not help. It may lead to a second break up. For example, perhaps you feel that both of you are not compatible, so you decided to break up.

If that is the reason, then you will want to think twice. What you may want to do is to discuss the reason with your partner or even with a relationship counselor. That may help to resolve your problems. If the break up is caused by a trivial reason or because of a small misunderstanding, then perhaps you should try your best to salvage the relationship. Of course, I am assuming that both of you still deeply care about each other.

So getting back may be best for both of you. Sometimes, all it takes is to put aside your pride for the time being and just apologized. It is sometimes more important to love than to be right about trivial issue. 2) Is your partner the one who initiated the break up? Is it because of you? If that is the case, you should really reflect upon your action. Do you think you are committed to make changes for the sake of your partner? If you are willing to do so, and you believe it will made both of you happy in the long run, then by all means go ahead.

3) Are there any serious problems in the past? Excessive flirting? Abuse? If there are, you must think twice. Does the problem lies with you? Can you change? Or does the problems lie with your partner? Can your partner change? 4) Are you involved in a new and better relationship now. Perhaps you have break up 1 year ago. You have started a new and better relationship. Yet you ex started to appear in your life again.

And somehow, you still miss him/her. This is not an easy decision to make as a third party is involved. However, if your old relationship already has problems, it is hard to guarantee that the old problem will not resurface.

Those are the 4 guidelines that you will want to consider very carefully.

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