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Cook Yourself Up Some Dating and Romance With Single Women

If you really want to cook up some hot dating and romance with single women, think about cooking - literally. If you're looking for a place where you're in the minority and women are in the majority, go to cooking school. Or, at least sign up for one cooking class.

Even if the worst happens and you don't manage to cook up some romance with single women, you might learn a thing or two about putting together a really yummy dinner. If Ms. Right doesn't turn up in cooking class, the next woman that comes along is bound to be impressed by your culinary schools. Cooking classes can lead to dating and romance with single women as you prepare your dishes as well. That's because you'll be one of the few (and perhaps the only) males in the class.

There will be competition for your attention, and perhaps even your affections. Just a little of the "oh, clumsy male me, I wish I could manage this. Can't someone help me?" routine will have them running to your side to guide you. After a few cooking classes you might then turn to cooking up some hot romance, with a "let's get together and try our new recipes" line. Especially if someone has been really helpful, this is bound to be effective. "You helped me so much, the least I can do is cook for you", can lead to romance too.

As you look for just the right cooking class, keep in mind that you want one that runs for several weeks. You want to have time to get to know the single women in the class and figure out just how to build to dating the woman (or women) of your choice. Once you have a handle on putting together a fine meal, and the woman of your choice has agreed to test your new found cooking skills, it's time to pull out all the dating and romance stops. Besides the great meal you're about to cook, don't forget a table setting that's as elegant as it is romantic, a nice wine, some soft music, some dim lighting or candle light and fresh flowers.

Make it look nice but not so dim or sexy as to be blatantly seductive. That could make your guest feel like you've been underhanded about your motives. Be casual, let her help in the kitchen a little (while she sips your wine, of course) and ask her opinion of your latest music CD.

Or, better yet, pick out several that are soothing and sentimental and let her pick. Avoid hard rock and raucous sounds unless you know she's a devoted fan. In fact, if somehow the course of a prior conversation has gotten around to music favorites make sure that her favorite singer or group is part of your musical repertoire. This, then, is how to use a cooking class for some hot dating and romance with single women.

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