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Tips for avoiding weirdo's
The world is a crazy place, and it's full of crazy people. Humans have instincts which help guide them through life. Your instincts become especially useful when it comes to detecting bad or dangerous people. In everyday life you get to use all of your senses, but when you are online, you are at a disadvantage. Communicating via the computer is so impersonal your instincts don't have the same effectiveness, and as a result your chances of getting caught up with a weirdo are higher.

Meeting in person for the first time
So you've been talking to someone online and are finally ready to meet in person? Great! This is a pretty big step. People are often surprised to find that the person they meet isn't the same as they were online. Sometimes they are disappointed. This happens. How are you supposed to get a good feel for someone by just chatting with them online? You can't. Our advice when it comes to meeting for the first time is to set up something short, nothing over 20 minutes.

Safety tips for meeting in person
A lot of women are scared of the online dating scene. They hear horror stories about stalkers and weirdos. There are important steps you should take when you think you are ready to meet someone in person that you first met online. The most important thing is to never under any circumstance meet someone for the first time in a private place. Why take the risk?

Parting words of wisdom

You are likely to build up an image of that person that is unlikely to resemble the real thing. If you live close, meet for a quick drink. Don't fall in love online.

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