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Cupid Valentines RolePlay

Strap on your white thong and your fluffy wings because this Valentine's Day is all about playing Cupid. Cupid is a cute little cherubic young man that was given the duty of pointing his bow and arrow at people and shooting hearts to ensure they will fall in love. Cupid is the son of the Roman goddess of beauty, Venus. He is also known in Ancient Greek mythology though he is known by another name. In Ancient Greece, it is Aphrodite's son, Eros who is the young boy who offers love to all that seek love in return.

A wonderful Cupid roleplay can mimic the mythological story of Cupid. At one time, Cupid was sent to punish one of the most beautiful mortals in existence. This mortal's name was Psyche.

Cupid went to punish her, but she was so beautiful that he became lovesick and decided to marry her instead. However, as he was a God and she was a mortal she was forbidden to look at him. While there are other things that happen, you can use these details to create your very own, holiday roleplay. Cupid, the strong and handsome God of love, has been sent to punish the beautiful Psyche. While Cupid will naturally be wearing his white underwear and preferably his bow and arrow, Psyche should be in something devastatingly sexy to show off her beauty. For this you could choose something as simple as a flowing gown or as naughty as a baby doll nightgown or a body stocking.

Once Cupid finds the beautiful Psyche he should do as he has been told and capture her. He should take her into his arms and tell her that he's not letting her go. As he has been sent to punish her, it may be a good idea to restrain her to ensure she cannot get away. Once he's done this it will be time for the punishment to begin! Tonight Psyche's punishment will be a good spanking.

Using a paddle Cupid can press it to her bottom and give her a hard swat. After a few more of those swats she will begin to feel the warmth of the leather paddle and Cupid might find it harder to resist her. Being the softy that he is, he might want to offer her some pleasure to go with the pain. For this he could use a strap-on butterfly vibrator.

This will allow Cupid to continue to punish her, while she feels the pleasure from the vibrations at the same time. Cupid will not be able to resist Psyche for much longer. Of course, when he gives in to her beauty she will not be able to look at him any longer. Place a blindfold over her eyes so that she would not be able to see him any longer.

As he continues to spank her and she moans in pleasure from the mix of torturous pleasure and pain she is given, it will begin to drive him mad. Cupid might be a God, but he is still a man. Soon he will have no choice but to pick her up and take her to his love nest to show her how enamored he has become with her beauty.

As Cupid lays her down, he will have the opportunity to make love to his beautiful queen. Of course, if he's feeling naughty he might decide to leave her little butterfly on to further increase her climax. By the end of the night your beauty queen will be devoted to you and you will be her full-time love God.

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