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Parting words of wisdom

Don't spend too much time communicating with someone online!

You are likely to build up an image of that person that is unlikely to resemble the real thing. If you live close, meet for a quick drink. Don't fall in love online.

Guys, don't be idiots

Don't send a message to an attractive woman saying something like "You are so hot, I want you bad!". Like they don't hear that 10 times a day huh? Your first message to a woman needs to be a lot smoother than that if you expect a reply. Remember women get more responses than men, sometimes so many they can hardly keep up with them.

Don't meet someone in person unless you have seen a picture of them first!

Looks matter, believe us. You will understand just how much they matter the first time you meet someone in person that you met online, thinking they were great, but not having seen a picture of them. You have the potential for a big time let down, and if that happens, it could hurt your confidence in online dating services, causing you to possibly miss out on great opportunities.

Be Patient

It's going to take some time to meet that special someone. It could take a very long time. Don't give up just because those first two people you met turned out to be losers. Try not to get frustrated.

Have fun!

Always remember to have fun and not take things too seriously. People very rarely find love when they are consciously looking for it. Don't tell yourself "I must find love now!!" Relax, take things nice and easy. Chat with some people, meet for some drinks. Don't set unreasonably high expectations for each meeting.

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