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Getting Back With Your Ex My Ex Wants To Get Back Together

Is getting back with your ex a distant dream? Or is it really possible? Perhaps, your ex decided that he/she wants to get back with you, so you started thinking, "Should I get my ex back? Or should I listen to all my friends and family members? Maybe I should just move on and look for a better relationship?" In order to answer this question, we will first have to look at your situation. How long have you broken up with your ex? Is it just a few days? Or it has already been quite some time? Depending on the duration, the answer will be different. Let's answer the questions below. 1) Broke up just recently This is definitely the worse timing to make any decision. You have just broken up and it is only natural that you are not emotionally sound to make any good decision.

Chances are you will feel like this is the end of the world. You may think that life without him/her is meaningless. When you have this kind of thoughts, you will obviously want to get back with your ex but that may not be the best decision.

If you have just broke up with your ex, it is best not to see him/her for the time being. Seeing him/her will remind you of some unhappy memories. Take this time to heal your emotions. Once you are feeling better, you will definitely be able to make a better decision on whether you should get back with your ex.

You may also want to remove anything in your room that will remind you of your ex. Seeing those things can remind you of the unhappy memories of your break up. Of course, you do not want to destroy them or throw them away. All you need to do is just to keep those things inside the cupboard or in a box where you can't see them. 2) Broke up for a period of time already If this is your situation, then you will want to consider what is the cause of the break up. If the problems lie with you, then you will have to seriously ask yourself whether you are willing to change for the benefit of the relationship.

If not, there is no point getting back as there is a high chance that both of you will break up again. If the problem lies with your ex, you will have to understand this: Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can change your ex. The fact is you can't. If your ex is not willing to change, it is really much better to move on. You deserve a better relationship.

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