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How to Give your Partner the Right Gift

Giving gifts to your partner is not as easy as it seems. Many of us enjoy showing our love in the form of a gift. After much time, thought, and often money, you happily give it to them. Sometimes, things end up just as they do on the diamond commercials with a passionate kiss and expressions of love. But often, the giver is disappointed in the receiver's reaction, and the receiver is either indifferent or hurt by the gift. How is this possible in an otherwise healthy relationship? The answer: there are four different types of presents we give, and all of us has a preference to what we choose to give and what we enjoy receiving.

It is vital that our spouse knows what type he is and what type we are, so that he gives us a gift that we appreciate and we offer him one that has meaning to him. Some people prefer traditional gifts. These are the stereotypical types of gifts that lovers give to one another.

A dozen roses, jewelry, or a spa gift certificate are all good examples of a traditional gift. Traditional gifts usually cost money, the pricier the better, as this is how the receiver often judges it's worth. The traditional gift receiver feels valued by how much is spent on them. Other people love to get sentimental gifts. A love letter, handmade gifts, or dates designed especially for the receiver are all examples of sentimental gifts.

Sentimental gifts may cost money, or they could cost nothing at all. What the sentimental gift receiver is looking for is the time and thought you put into their gift. This is how they will judge the value of the gift.

Some like unseen gifts. These gift receivers aren't interested in tangible gifts. They prefer the unseen devotion their partner could give them every day. Unseen gifts include financially providing for them, regularly doing housework, or saying how much you love them every day.

This type of gift receiver appreciates what you add to their lives each day to improve it. Finally, there are some people who love to get gifts surrounding their hobbies or life passions. An avid runner would love a pedometer.

A musician would love tickets to see their favorite band play. A computer techie would love the latest and greatest gadget to go on their computer. A hobby receiver will value the gift on how well it will allow them to enjoy their passion even better.

By finding out what type of gift receiver your partner is, you can always choose the right gift and stop getting gifts that are unappreciated. For example, a gym membership would be the perfect gift for the right kind of hobby gift receiver, but it might hurt the feelings of a traditional gift receiver. Knowing your partner is key to connecting with them in gift giving and in so many other ways.

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