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Meeting in person for the first time

So you've been talking to someone online and are finally ready to meet in person? Great! This is a pretty big step. People are often surprised to find that the person they meet isn't the same as they were online. Sometimes they are disappointed. This happens. How are you supposed to get a good feel for someone by just chatting with them online? You can't. Our advice when it comes to meeting for the first time is to set up something short, nothing over 20 minutes. Meet for a drink or a coffee. You will very quickly be able to tell if the chemistry that was there online is also there offline. If you think you've found a winner, maybe you will want to do something else. But if you think you've found a loser, won't you be happy that you were only meeting for a drink, rather than going on a trip together?

What about long distance?

If the person you are meeting lives so far away that you have to fly to meet them, you will want to be extra sure they are going to be someone you will have good chemistry with. Talk on the phone more than a few times. Make sure you have exchanged many pictures. Make sure you know this person's religious and political beliefs, as incompatibility here can be a disaster waiting to happen. It is better to know certain things before you spend $200 on a plane ticket!

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