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Becoming a member of a personals site

Usually a good personals site won't make you fill out too much stuff to join. It is pretty annoying to be forced to fill out pages and pages of stuff. Avoid sites that do that, it is apparent that they were not designed very well. This site is pretty easy to join. We definitely don't want it to take more than a couple of minutes. When prompted to join, you will usually be asked to pick a username. This will be your online name and you won't be able to change it, so pick something that you can live with. Most names have already been taken, so add a number at the end just so you won't have to be asked to choose another. You may also be asked to enter a password and your email address. Most dating sites keep your email address private. Only an extremely bad site would ever make your email address public. Avoid those sites. Make sure you enter a valid email address, as many sites will require that you confirm it before they give you access to the site, plus it is required for communicating with other members. You may want to set up an email on Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo!, etc. specifically for personals sites.

Most personals sites differ in what else they require for membership. Some make you fill out your entire profile, others make you fill out a few things and let you fill out the rest at your leisure. We like sites that don't make you fill everything out right away. You might be wondering how much it costs to join. Almost every online dating service out there will let you join for free. Like we said, a dating site requires a lot of members to be successful. They want you to join badly! So of course they will let you join for free. "Free you say? Wow, cool!" Not so fast, there is always a catch right? Well read on and you will see what it is.

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