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Your a member, now what?

So you have just joined a personals site, now what? Well, now you can check the site out. By now you should be able to see if this is a quality site or not. One of the best ways to tell this is by checking for advertisements. Are there a lot of ads on this site? Do you see a bunch of banners, or do you get pop up ads when you surf the site? If you do, you are probably on a bad dating site. We recommend leaving and finding another one (don't worry, there are PLENTY to choose from, you won't run out!). Ads everywhere are annoying. You do not need to be annoyed.

If it seems that you are on a decent, professional site, we would recommend filling out your profile. A good profile is key to your success in the world of online dating. Remember, there are a lot of people to choose from. Why should someone choose you? What makes you so special? Well, let us know! Fill everything out on your profile. Make sure to be honest. Lying on your profile will only come back to haunt you later on, much like lying about almost anything. Being honest will also get you more compatible matches. You want someone to want to talk to YOU, not some fake person you invented on your profile. The number one reason why someone is unsuccessful in online dating: They don't have a good profile. Either they don't fill it out, they don't add any pictures, or maybe they fail to spell-check what they typed.

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