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The most important part of your profile

What's the number one most important part of your profile? That's right, your picture. Aren't we all so shallow? Well, no actually! You don't have to be a supermodel or anything. The point of a picture is to give your profile more of an impact.

The difference between a profile without a picture and one with a picture is the same as the difference between this and this. Here at DateHookup.com, we have the luxury of seeing what profiles get viewed the most and get the most responses. Profiles with pictures get way more action than those without. This isn't an isolated incident. This holds true for every personals site on the internet. Just understand that if you don't add a picture, you will lose about 80% of your potential responses. Keep in mind, most dating sites have search options that let them search for only profiles that have pictures. If you don't have a picture you won't even come up in their search results. It won't matter if you have the greatest profile in the world because they won't even know it.

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