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Getting too few results on your searches?

Are you running searches and finding that not many profiles are getting returned? There could be a few reasons for this. Are you living in a rural area? If so, there is not going to be as many members, so you will naturally get back fewer results. You may want to increase your distance to 100+ miles. If this is too far for you, online dating services might not be what you need. You may need to move! You have to be where the people are after all.

Another possible reason for getting few results is you might be searching by too specific of criteria. This especially holds true if you are running an advanced or personality type search. Try sticking with the basic search for awhile. Don't be too specific at first. If your basic searches are returning hundreds of profiles, then you are safe to add more criteria. Add more criteria slowly, until you feel comfortable with the number of results you are getting back.

One other possible reason for getting few results is the personals site you are on may be new, or not very big. There are really only a few big dating sites out there. Most sites are somewhat small in comparison. That's okay though, you will most likely be joining at least a few sites anyway. And remember, it only takes that one right person, you never know where you will find them.

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