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Searching for people

Most dating sites have at least a few searching methods to allow you to find people. These usually include some sort of basic search, where you set an age range and distance, and an advanced search, where you can set all kinds of criteria. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to advanced searches is the more criteria you enter, the less search results you will get back. You don't typically want to be too specific on your searches. Set an age range, the maximum distance you want someone to be from you, and whether you want to return profiles that have pictures only. For almost all situations this should suffice. Searching using this method will bring back a good number of profiles, giving you more to choose from. If you choose to only return profiles that have pictures, keep in mind you will be losing out on about 70% of profiles, as most people don't add a picture. This can be their loss, or yours. Just because someone doesn't add a picture doesn't mean they aren't perfect for you, so after checking out the profiles with pictures, you may want to check out ones that don't as well, just to give you more to choose from.

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