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Subscription costs

There are a couple of different ways dating sites charge for their services. Most have time-based subscriptions. For example one month, three month, six month, or maybe even one year subscriptions. The longer service you choose the lower the monthly price will end up being. One month may be $24.95 and three months $59.95. We would recommend starting off with a month, just to give the site a try. You may end up not liking it, but if you do, you can always renew for 3 or 6 months later. Prices vary for each dating site out there, but on average they are around $20 per month, which is a lot cheaper than your average date.

A few sites use a credits-based system. The way these systems work is you buy a package of credits, say 10 for $10, or whatever the price is. Then you use credits to contact members. It may cost 3 credits to send someone a message, or 10 credits to have a live chat session with someone. There is no monthly fee, you only pay when you want to contact someone. Depending on how you use a site this may be a good system for you, but our own opinion is that time-based subscriptions are a better way to go. It is kind of annoying to have worry about how many credits you have left. You will end up not contacting as many members because you want to conserve credits, and this will ultimately hurt your chances for success. A monthly subscription is easier for most people. You can contact as many members as you want whenever you want, for one low price. One thing to note about time-based subscriptions is that pretty much all sites do recurring billing. This means that your credit card will automatically be charged when your subscription expires. If you don't want that to happen just be sure to cancel your subscription before it expires.

Remember, you are not limited to just one personals site. You may want to subscribe to a couple, if you have the money. It will increase your chances for success. But you don't have to. You may have found a dating site that you like a lot more than the others, for whatever reason. Feel free to stick with what's working for you, but always keep your options open. You should always post your free profile to at least a few sites, as there is nothing to lose.

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