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Tips for avoiding weirdo's

The world is a crazy place, and it's full of crazy people. Humans have instincts which help guide them through life. Your instincts become especially useful when it comes to detecting bad or dangerous people. In everyday life you get to use all of your senses, but when you are online, you are at a disadvantage. Communicating via the computer is so impersonal your instincts don't have the same effectiveness, and as a result your chances of getting caught up with a weirdo are higher. But if you hone in your online instincts you should be able to weed out the losers fairly easily. Here are some tips to help you do that:

Avoid people who refuse to send you any pictures.

If someone you are talking to doesn't want to give you any pictures, something might be up. Don't listen to any excuses like "I don't know how to get a picture on the computer", or "I don't have any good pictures of myself", etc. etc. You've probably heard something like that before. Bottom line, if you don't get at least one picture, you shouldn't agree to meet them in person. What are they trying to hide?

Avoid people who ask to meet in person the first time you talk to them.

Unless you have just had the most amazing conversation of your life, you should not be getting asked to meet in person quite so soon. If someone wants to meet you that quickly, they are probably either desperate or some kind of weirdo or loser.
Avoid people that are overly mysterious.

A mysterious person is sexy right? Well maybe, but not when you're online! There's not much room for mystery when you are communicating with someone online. Don't spill your life story by any means, but don't keep everything hidden either. You've got 1 sense to work with here (2 if you talk on the phone), what you see in a picture, and what you see in what they write. It's tough to read someone right with such limitations. It's going to be impossible if the person you are talking to doesn't want to say anything about themselves.

Avoid people that send you 100 emails a day.

This is an obvious sign of a desperate person, and most likely an obsessive compulsive disorder of some sort.

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