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What To Do When The Moment Comes

Once a man and a woman have their initial encounter and there is a good "vibe", the man has the choice of offering the woman a chance to be alone with him. The woman won't bring it up (at least not verbally), so don't expect it. You should notice the signs and respond appropriately. Also, don't mention why you really want to be alone with her. This will kill the mood. The man should find a reason other than sex to get a woman alone.

If you ask her to come back to your place to look at some cool photographs you took in Europe, then by all means do that! Sex can come later. Trust me; women know what we're up to. By actually taking her back to your place and not attacking her right then and there, you have eased tension and shown her that you have class. (You do have class don't you?) Notice I am not suggesting anywhere that you chase her or beg her to do anything. You are just noticing and responding to her signs. So in a sense, she is chasing you, albeit more subtly.

Remember, a woman will never give you a verbal sign (At least when it comes to sex). That would make her accountable for what might happen! You know that can never be! She needs to convince herself that whatever happens "just happened" and it was not planned. Women are more adapt at reading body language than men.

It is a genetic trait that has been developed over thousands of years. Being the primary parent, women have learned to read their young's facial expressions and body language to decipher if the child is sick, angry, sad, or happy. This is why women can spot a liar better than men. This probably seems a little overwhelming but with practice you will get really good at it. Start paying more attention to body language when communicating with women, or just when watching them from afar.

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